Art Movements

Art Movements

A weekly collection of news, developments, and stirrings in the art world with host Hrag Vartanian, cofounder and editor-in-chief of Hyperallergic.

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    Didier William on Painting a Revolution

    In his large two-part exhibition, the queer Haitian-American artist centers the body, which figures in his work both literally and figuratively.

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    Antwaun Sargent on Black Contemporary Art

    From social media to mainstream publications, Sir Sargent (as he is know online) is dedicating himself to ensuring that Black voices in the art world are heard.

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    YO, Deborah Kass!

    Artist Deborah Kass’s “OY/YO” (2015) is a Brooklyn favorite, and now the eight-foot tall public art work is landing in front of the Brooklyn Museum, and we ask her what the work is really about.

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    What Does a Black Radical Art Education Look Like?

    The Black School talks to Hyperallergic about the role of radical Black education and the "Black art world," in a special interview that comes on the heels of their residency and exhibition at New York's New Museum.

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